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The Weinermobile on CA Hwy 14 somewhere between Valencia and Bishop.

The first time I saw the Weinermobile was in Times Square in 2006 or 2007. It was one of the rare occasions I didn't have a camera.
I was coming back from a camping trip in Bishop in October 2008 when I saw what I thought was an oil tanker. But the "tank" was bright red and, as we got closer, I noticed it curved up. I got excited, because I had a second chance. But the batteries on my digital were dead.

I took my chances with the point and shoot I had on me and this was the result. I cut off the front a bit, but overall I'm happy with the composition and the reflection of the mountains and my car in the tail end.

C-41/color process B&W, Konica point & shoot, no filters or editing.

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