The Three Ring Circus

It's Election Day, hope you all got out to vote! Last night, I was reminded of a Schoolhouse Rock video called "Three Ring Circus." On the surface, that sure seems a snarky, but apt description of government! However, they really just used the idea of a circus as something kids could relate to, to help them remember the three branches of government -- Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

As I continue Capital Week here on Photos by EJ, let's stop by all three branches. First, the Capital Building, where the House and Senate chambers are located. I never realized how beautiful the building was until I saw it with my own eyes.

I took a lot of photos from many different angles to hide the scaffolding.

The detail on the dome is exquisite.

The White House. This is the best of the photos I took on my cross country trip in 2000.
Want to go back with the good camera. This was taken with a point & shoot near dusk.

During the tour, they told us the Supreme Court is actually not
the highest court in the land. There's a basketball court upstairs!

I'm a sucker for columns!

Detail of the portico. "Equal justice under law."

The courtroom.

Spiral staircase

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