PbEJ in "BRONZEVILLE at Manzanar" Design project

As I alluded to recently, I used some of my photos in a design project last week. I put some finishing touches on a booklet for the Robey Theatre Company play "BRONZEVILLE" for a special engagement at Manzanar National Historic Site. The photos were shot with my beloved C41/color process B&W film, which produces sepia tones and sometimes, blues, greens and grays, depending on light and conditions.

For more information and other items designed for the project, please see the post on EricaJackson.com.

My photos appeared on the cover:

The outside cover spread (L-R: back cover, front cover)
The sepia photos at the top and bottom are from my personal
collection, taken on a visit to Manzanar a few years ago.
The BRONZEVILLE title image (R, center) was supplied by the Robey Theatre Company.

The inside cover spread (L-R: inside front cover, inside back cover)
The image on the right is also one of mine and includes donor acknowledgments
Note: the image on the left is NOT mine, but was supplied by The Robey Theatre Company

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