I Swear, it Wasn't on Porpoise!

So, how about that unintentional 3 month hiatus? I was in a groove with PbEJ and then life happened. I'm trying to get back into that groove, because this site is one of those things that's important to me, that makes life a little brighter and more fun. I have a TON of photos to post from my travels across the U.S. (and back!) in November and December, but first...

My uncles visited California in February and took me whale watching. We didn't see any whales that day, but the dolphins charmed us to no end.

I remember reading once that the dolphin is somewhat cursed because they appear to always be smiling, that this is why humans are so into dolphins. I think they're such interesting and intelligent creatures, we can't help but wonder about them.

Mom and baby. Or, perhaps not, since dolphins actually babysit for each other.
Two dolphins body surfing in the wake of the boat as it turned to head back to shore.

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