The Catacombs - Paris 2003

Another place I went that I wish I had a better camera at the time. Some of these are C41 B&W color process film, some might be digital. I've lost some of the original files.

I wanted to go for two reasons. One, my dear friend Pete went to Europe about 8 years before I did and his photos of the Catacombs were beautiful. Second, while researching Josephine Baker, I learned The Resistance used the Catacombs for meetings and hideouts during World War 2.

The catacombs are several stories underground. After going down, down, down, deep into the earth beneath Paris, we were in the cool, dark Catacombs.

As soon as we reached the bottom, that big German guy in the back passed gas right in front of me. So I left a long gap between us for the rest of my visit!

The entrance:
"Warning! This is the empire of the dead/death!"

The exit:
"Who despises life does not fear to die."

[Translations from The Sattlers.]

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