My First Naked Cowboy Experience, circa 2001-02

I was taking the bus down Broadway from my job near Central Park when I spotted half a dozen brides. So I got off the bus. Turns out, they were passing out fliers for a new show called "Mamma Mia."

I walked to the southern end of the island, where I encountered the Naked Cowboy for the first time. It was his regular post, just across the street from MTV. Oddly enough, I was the only one photographing him that day. There were TV cameras a few feet away, filming a psychotic, rapping clown screaming into an amp.

The Naked Cowboy upstaged?! Only in New York...

Note: The Quad Cam takes 4 photos per second and records them to a single frame of film. Order is counterclockwise: Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.

Color film, Quad Cam

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