Happy Birthday, K-Dub!

Yep, three birthdays in a row (today is J's actual birthday, so HB2U J-Nugget).

Kris was a fan of my writing and became a protege, co-conspirator and my biggest supporter. Photos by EJ probably would not exist if not for Kris. In fact, she named it! Every now and then, she'd refer to a photo she especially liked, that she could see as a postcard or the cover of one of the books she fully expects me to write and I was reminded that I needed to do this site.

This shell, photographed at a friend's wedding in Hawai'i 2 years ago, is one of her favorites. Thanks for everything, sis!

Have a wonderful birthday! Do YOU!

Top: digital point & shoot.
Middle and Bottom: Color process black & white film, point & shoot camera, no editing.

[adding to events page, since all photos are from a wedding]

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  1. omg, a birthday post for little ole me? LOL! Thanks, sis! Love you and FYI, I'm still a fan!