Happy Birthday, J!

Snapshots from an impromptu trip to San Francisco with my grad school roomie J. He had tickets to Dancing With the Stars Live the night before, so we raced from LA to SF late on Friday afternoon. These photos were the next day, shortly before we headed back down south. I'm always glad to have an opportunity to show someone around San Francisco.

The first is not the best shot, but I'm including it to show the 6 famous Painted Ladies all at once. The corner house is a bonus. Although the red-haired step-child of the block, it has beautiful detailing.

I can practically hear the "Full House" theme.

The top 1/3 of the photo is all fog. I'm just glad it was above the bridge, instead of obscuring it.

As a friend put it, we're posing for two different magazine covers. Him: GQ. Me: Good Housekeeping.

Olympus 750UZ p&s digital w/10x zoom. Last photo taken with remote control. No filtering.

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